Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday pics

We enjoyed some outdoor fun tonight after a very funny and messy dinner! I also took some fun pics of Malia all dressed before church in her pretty dress, she was so excited about being outdoors and was yelling and pointing at everything.. her new word is bushes and she says it pretty dang clear it was really cute, she also was loving the flowers and saying flo'ers in the cutest little voice I just love it! Maddie was having fun practicing her dancing and splitz and wanting Malia to play with her and chase her down the hill, it was cute.
Rich and Kaden played some ball, Kaden has a wicked curve ball so that was fun too! Then Rich snapped some photos of me with my girls and I love them.. not very often that Im willing to put a pic of me on here but I just think my girls are to dang cute, they both had picked a flower and Malia was cracking up at Kaden who was the camera man's helper!! So enjoy the pics! Theres a zillion of them!

The girls were bothing being so adorable and lovey I was just soaking it in!

Sorry I know enough already but I had to many I liked!
Kaden had her busting up it was to cute and now she always hides behind her hand when shes laughing!

K I absolutely LOVE these next to of Maddie she was looking at an airplane I think.... ok I posed her but still such a sweet thoughful photo!

She did this herself I just got lucky with the shot!
Gotta love that chub!!

Running to mom.. gotta love it
She was clapping for Rich, she thought he had thrown the ball great I guess!
I loved watching Kaden pitch from this angle... I kept thinking he was way off but then the ball would somehow find Rich's mitt, it was pretty cool!

My poser!

Walking and watching her shooooes


tamiz said...

Miss those kiddos! We were so bored yesterday! Maybe once we get our house our Sunday's can be more like yours.

Tirsa said...

Great pics. I meant to tell you yesterday that I really like your hair right now. Looking fab!

Angela said...

Love all the pictures. They turned out so great! Love family time on Sundays. :)

shelly said...

Cute photos! Why is it that the chub is so cute when you're little and then not so much when you are grown?? So not fair! :)

Mrs.B said...

WOW, love all the photos! Thanks for sharing:)

Ben and Claudia said...

You do such a fabulous job with candids and "posed" pics. Your perspective and close ups are so awesome!!