Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th Celebration!

We had a really fun 4th! Maddie was in the parade with her dance company... bragging just a little.. SHE WAS AWESOME they only had 2 weeks to learn their moves and she had to do them walking which is really hard! She did great and when they finally got to us I ran to get photos of her and she was so in the zone she didnt even notice until her teacher finally told her and she glanced at me and then right back.. no smile no nothing she was all business! Rich was a little teary eyed just so proud of his little girl, it was really sweet!
So after the parade we walked around the town celebration then headed home to put the Malia to bed then Rich took Maddie and Kaden back for the rides. We spent the holiday with our friends we had yummy food and smores and then our own firework show...until the cops showed up and let us know that there werent any and I mean ANY fireworks aloud not even sparklers! So we quit and headed to the back yard where we had a view of the town firework show! The kids all had a great day and a blast!
I kept finding myself getting a little teary seeing Malia in her Red, White, and Blue and thinking back to last year where I was wanting my baby home so badly!! And now seeing her in her flag clothes watching her first parade, it was heaven... even though she was pretty fussy all day cuz of some naughty molars that cant decide if they want to make an appearance or not!
I had made the girls their tutus and never quite got the pics I wanted cuz Maddie couldnt slow down and Malia either had a sippy in her hands or anger on her face so here is what I got of the day!!! Hope you all had a great 4th! I like to sit and think and pray about all of our men and women fighting for us all around the world, I had a talk with Maddie about how lucky we are to be Americans and what the 4th is all about and she agreed that we are pretty lucky!
Maddie all ready for the parade

Malia wasnt sure what to think about the parade she never cried at the sirens and she wore this thoughtful look pretty much the whole time.

Sooo focused on her moves!
Nice moves Kaden!
Malia and Jude kept making Rich do this over and over and over he would spin or pretend drop them and they were loving it!


Mrs.B said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, I am surprised anyone still checks in. Little Malia is such a cutie!