Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shes almost 2...

So I thought a photo shoot would be appropriate! I got her this darling tutu dress and butterfly wings off of Etsy and its going to be her Halloween costume.. she LOVES it!! She wasnt so found of me wanting to pose her in it but I did get a few good shots.. not the one I wanted or pictured but still shes just to cute not to post the results!

I LOVE this one.. she was kissing the leaves and her hair looks perfect.. I just wish that leaf was out of the way!
Peak a boo

She was a little over me at this point but she recovered!

Again kissing the leaf.. love this shot too and the coloring

Free as a bird... or butterfly!

Right before she tasted a leaf! YUM

And I also got this darling dress on Etsy! She was a little scared of sitting by herself by the water but soon got over it and was having way to much fun to make eye contact with me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Winning Saturday!

Kaden had a game on Saturday and his team did awesome they won finally!! That puts us 2-5 I think. It was a beautiful Saturday, the sun was warm and the air was crisp and the touch of a breeze made it really nice.. except for the parts of it that was so dang hot everytime I stood up I had sweat down my back.. and other areas!
We love watching Kaden play its so much fun and he does a really good job!
Go get'em!

Ready to take the field
SOO annoyed that I was taking pics SORRY PAL!
The girls always find ways to entertain themselves.. I love how they fell into step with eachother
K watching this boy run is so exciting he is super fast!

And now for the gross part of my day... dad gave Malia a worm to give to me.. isnt he the sweetest!! So she happily ran it down to me where I then screamed like a girl!
Look mom!
ya he was in trouble
A little rolling around
She is LOVING knowing how to roll over.. she cant always master it but she sure can get her bumm up in the air.
Kadens team was able to be part of the HS Home Coming Parade.. they always love it.. Kaden was so sweet and saved some Kaden for Maddie!
Malia loved it and was blowing kisses to everyone
Maddie had her purse and filled it to the brim with candy!!
We had a great weekend, hope you did too!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Booking Shoots with Snap Happy

The time has come for me to take my photography to the next level.. I have been fortunate to have friends come to me wanting their pics done and I have loved doing it. I have had a few requests for family shots for holdiday photos and I decided to go ahead and nip it in the butt and get this party started!
So I am going to book 10 sessions for $50 which will include 20 edited shots on a disc that you can keep and do whatever you want with the photos.. I will give you all rights to your photos! So I already have 2 of those 10 booked so if your thinking you want to try me out give me a call and send me a message and we will get you set up.
I am not a sit and pose kind of photographer I enjoy real photos and fun and creative photos. I am really excited about this new venture!! Here are a few pics that I have done recently.