Friday, September 18, 2009

Miss Cali's photo shoot (sneak a peek)

Precious right! I was super excited to get my lense on this sweet baby girl! Cali is the daughter of my good friend Tirsa who played a HUGE part in helping me get going on our adoption and was a huge huge help getting things done and a good ear when things were falling apart during the whole process.
Little Cali is just about 6 weeks now and is just so cute, she was a sweet little surprise to her parents who have adopted her older 2 siblings (Ez from my previous post) and older sis Bella.
Cali wasnt in the mood to sleep, she was wide awake and pretty ticked off with us trying to make her pose but I really love so many of these shots I think they turned out so fun and cute. My lightroom and camera were both testing me today so some of the shots didnt quite get to where I wanted them to but practice will hopefully make perfect!
Thanks Tirsa for letting me shoot sweet little Cali!!

I thought this was super sweet.. Cali sure loves her momma

She was so wide awake and looked right into the camera and started giving me grins SO CUTE!
right before little miss decided to tinkle on me LOL!

I have some more editing to do but thought these were pretty fun!


Tirsa said...

Thank YOU!!! They are precious! I love the sneak peak! Can't wait to see more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tirsa said...

oh, yeah...and SO SORRY about the peeing incident! :)

alison said...

kris you are one talented gal! what sweet pictures.

Johnna Jayne said...

Those are so CUTE! Good job Kris. Baby shoots are a lot harder then people would think.

Ben and Claudia said...

LOVE THEM....I have neglected blog reading for a week and missed out on the ADORABLE pics!! I hope my baby isn't too skinny for these type of pics...and I'm not too fat!