Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shes almost 2...

So I thought a photo shoot would be appropriate! I got her this darling tutu dress and butterfly wings off of Etsy and its going to be her Halloween costume.. she LOVES it!! She wasnt so found of me wanting to pose her in it but I did get a few good shots.. not the one I wanted or pictured but still shes just to cute not to post the results!

I LOVE this one.. she was kissing the leaves and her hair looks perfect.. I just wish that leaf was out of the way!
Peak a boo

She was a little over me at this point but she recovered!

Again kissing the leaf.. love this shot too and the coloring

Free as a bird... or butterfly!

Right before she tasted a leaf! YUM

And I also got this darling dress on Etsy! She was a little scared of sitting by herself by the water but soon got over it and was having way to much fun to make eye contact with me!


carrie said...

cutest butterfly ever!

Melissa said...

That tutu dress is amazing! (and the girl's pretty darn cute too LOL) You should use the dress as a prop in your photo shoots!

shelly said...

Malia is such a little beauty! I can't believe she has been with you almost a year now- still so happy for your family! Love the pics.

Haley L said...

They have costume contests at malls in Denver on Halloween. I think Malia should enter. :)

Wendy said...

I've been catching up on your blog this evening-I can't believe how big Malia is!! I didn't realize that it's been a YEAR already! Time has seriously flown by.

Your blog got me through a lot of hard days of waiting for our referral. When I thought I couldn't stand the wait anymore I would come over here and peek at photos of Malia and it would remind me that the wait is totally worth it.

If you want me to pick up something for Malia while we're in Korea, let me know, I'd be happy to!

Ben and Claudia said...

Gorgeous Costume for a Gorgeous Girl!! Where's Maddie's??