Sunday, September 13, 2009

A musically fit time

Kaden started playing drums this year and the girls LOVE playing those drums and if Im being honest I feel pretty dang hot sitting there busting out some beats!! I keep thinking I mist my calling in life.. O WELL LOL!!

I will have to get video next time but Malia goes crazy dancing to the drums and then has to get her hands on the sticks! Maddie enjoys hitting them really really loud and hard! YEAH
And of course whenever we have the pull up bar out everyone needs to try it out. Maddie and Malia are surprisingly very strong and can pull up their weight pretty easily, and they love it.. look at that grin!

She serioulsy did that with no help.. Richs hands are there for just in case!
Showing us some skilz.. though they havent really been able to use the drums yet.

Malia thought it was more fun pullin on Kaden rather than letting him do pull ups
And Malia wasnt so pleased with me getting her photo today BUT OMG this outfit is the most darling dress and boots LOVE IT!!
Maddie wasnt to shy to pose for me!
Then after a little time out after her tantrum she decided to pose hehe And she is a drool monster!


alison said...

looking at your kids i realize its been almost exactly 5 years since we met outside pre! amazing how time flies. :)

Angela said...

Kaden looks so cool on his drum set! I am sure the whole family is enjoying them! I would like to take some of my frustrations out on them myself! :)

Haley L said...

I want to hear you do a drum solo next time I'm in the neighborhood. :) Love that your girls are so strong!!

Melissa said...

As soon as Rory saw Malia's picture, she said, "there's Rory!" And you've totally convinced me to buy that red dress!

Kelly said...

Good grief, your kids are cute! Love the red dress, too!!!

Ben and Claudia said...

You have such a PARTY HOUSE!! Always havin' a blast with the kids...I love Kaden as the Drummer!!