Thursday, September 10, 2009

A week in the life

I have been a very bad bad blogger. I use to blog almost every day and now I go a week with nothing so SORRY! I know I have faithful readers, I can see that I get usually at least 50 views on here a day BUT with no comments I have felt a lack of comittedness to my viewers. I have had zero energy by the time with get the kids in bed and work out I am zapped! I am going to try to get better because look at that face I just love editing her sweet little face and the other 2 have so much going on I really need to keep up better with everyone. So if you guys will be better at leaving comments so I know your out there I promise to be better too!
Anyways I decided just to post some of the things Malia does everyday so here ya go!
Malia loves loves stuffed animals and she has her faves.. she loves this puppy and her bear, she just loves on them and talks and laughs with them it is the FUNNIEST thing to find her in a room giggling with them.. so cute! So lately she has been grabbing them and rocking them and I was taking picks of her rocking them and she got so into the rocking that she tipped right over!

Of course books is something that takes up a HUGE part of our day.. I think throughout the day I wouldnt doubt there being at least 1 to 2 hours of book reading being involved.. she will run to her book shelf grab some books and run to me book book book.. how can I resist??!!

Malia loves being outside and the weather had been so hot and she gets so hot so fast Ive been avoiding it but its been very nice this week so shes been playing outside and loving it.. she loves Maddies babies strollers so she spends a lot of time putting rocks and leaves and flowers in the stroller and pushing it around!

On laundry day Malia takes over my empty basket and I have to sneak it away during nap time! She LOVES pushing her animals around in it and crawling in herself.. dad grabbed these shots!
I think she got a little stuck here lol!
One of her latest tricks is trying to dress herself.. thankfully she doesnt undress herself yet! She is quite good at getting socks and pants on and panties!

Now that the kids are in school Malia has finally recovered but the first couple weeks she was pretty upset and still when we drop off Maddie she cries after saying bye.. so sad but cute too! So when the kids are home and not at dance or sports she is always loving on them. Last night us girls were enjoying SYTYCD (yaa fall TV) and the girls were busting out some good moves.. it was to cute, Malia was trying really hard to mimic what she was seeing on the show!
K Maddie is just to cute to right!!
Another fav of Malias is to still the guitar hero guitars and pretend to play I think its so cute!

Another new love of Miss Malia is shopping bags, she LOVES filling them and carrying them around and if you try to steal them (as Maddie learned) she looses it on you!
hmmm who is she trying to be this time? LOL Shes says chess chess
I love that Malia has become a little snugle bug with me FINALLY she likes to sit on my lap and cuddle for real I thought that day would never come! But she will yell up up up to me and plop down and just be lazy and read books or sing songs or just watch some good ol tv with me!
And she has just been so dang happy and silly the last couple of weeks it has been heaven! I love how happy she has been after a ruff couple of weeks when school started I was really honestly afraid of her for a little bit.. I felt like I was walking on egg shells with her never knowing what was going to set her off but yeah she is a very happy fun little girl again who btw is almost 2 OMG!!


Johnna Jayne said...

Love the way her haircut frames her sweet little face. Wish I could wear those butterfly spandex with black converse, so HOT!

tamiz said...

So I might account for like 10 of the 50 hits a day... I also LOVE Malia's haircut. Can't wait to see the little miss. I'm afraid she won't remember me!

Tirsa said...

Wait a she wearing big girl panties???

That is a face worthy of daily blogging, for sure!