Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A girl a boy and a song

Malia loves music loves loves it and I listen to it pretty much all day and so when a good song comes on she runs to the dance room and busts a move. Yesterday her fav song was Eminems and the girl was having a good ol time and it was funny cuz he had just one best video the night before! I had to post one of the videos on FB for Christi cuz Em is her secret BF!! So I added a couple more that are down at the bottom of this post.. in one she is doing a little breaking!

A little point.. the girl walks runs and dances on her toes!

Today we had little Ez over, their b-days are just a few days apart and they are in nursery class together so I thought it would be fun to have him over and they did really well together it was lots of fun!
Ez helped her down...
And Malia helped him up! After he said thank you
Hes got an older sister hes not afraid of a girl toy!

Ez was teaching Malia how to spit..
She tried it out and thought it was pretty dang funny!
All of a sudden after playing on the chair Ez started to pet Malia and she was very taken by him after that! LOL I was so glad I happened to already have my camera aimed on them it was to sweet!

Then they gave each other a good squeeze, it was precious!
Now for your dancing delight..


Erica said...

What a darling little girl and that little Ez!! They look like they are going to be good friends. Love her dance moves and the outfit looks like a perfect dancing outfit. :-)

Kelly said...

She's so adorable!!!! I love her hair!!!

Haley L said...

Too cute. I hope Ez got to see her bustin' a move. Time to put Malia in dance class with big sis? :)

Becki said...

Love, love, love the dancing! So does Ciara!!!

Tirsa said...

O.K. LOVE the pics. Gotta say the following:

Malia can totally bust a move. So cute!

And, I've always had this weird intrigue with Eminem. When I was first married, I talked about him all the time. Just ask Blaine...

And, what is Malia's hand doing on my boy's butt? :)

And, whoa, Ez must like her beautiful silky hair. I can tell already...he is going to be a charmer with the ladies... And, well, we've already discussed that he has some great attributes! :)

I'm going to have to steal some of these pics. They turned out soooo cute. Thanks for having him over. I can tell he had a blast!

carrie said...

She looks too cute in that first picture. That second video made me Dizzy, since having kids I get dizzy spinning once!