Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy weekend

Cool shot right! We had a very dark sky tonight it looked really cool! We had a super busy weekend. Started with Kaden have his first school dance on Friday.. he had a lot of fun.. I on the other hand, relinquishing control, not so much! Saturday was so busy that we all had to split up, Maddie was in the Minors Day parade with her dance group, they ended up just riding in the truck the whole way and she got to throw candy and had lots and lots of fun!! During that Kaden had a football game so Rich took him to that.. we have not had very good luck with the games we are 1 for 3 which is not good but Kaden is doing a good job in the new position they have put him in we are just hoping the team starts winning.. sure makes for a long day when they dont! THEN Maddie had a performance at the park which I have to say she freaking rocked! She has been practicing a ton and had the moves down.. I will try to load the video later!! She absolutely had the best time and we are super proud of her for doing such a good job! Ive gotta get football pics now seems weve either had bad weather or Malia has been on my lap so next week I promise!!
So after all of that we ended up all coming together and hanging out at home I think we were all exhausted from being out in the sun all day.
So today after church we just hung out, we ended up playing outside and barbque'in. The sky got really dark like I said, it was really cool and I had to get some shots, but it started to sprinkle though so I had to go put my trusty camera away! Good long fun weekend though... hope yours was great too!
BTW wanted to thank everyone for the sweet comments about the pics Ive taken of my friends.. its given me the push Ive needed to get this photography thing started so Im working on a name and some ideas so stay tuned for that!!
K she is just precious, I love how Maddie is always so eager to pose for me.. she is dying to be a model and get on tv
Malia would not let Rich stop spinning her.. I only last a few spins before Im ready to fall down!

gorgeous girl!
While Maddie was posing Malia come over and started to too it was so cute.. she sat and crossed her legs!

Running in the wind
Looks just a little happy!
Maddie and Kaden played some football.. dont let the sweet face and dress fool you.. that girl is TUFF!
Ya she took him down!
We pulled some weeds and look what we found.. a BUNCH of carrots.. so weird!
Last night Rich went and grabbed us some doughnuts and we all enjoyed them this morning for breakfast
OO the joys of having a pond.. this was sooo gross!
she was telling me yummmm

Maddie like to just eat the top of her doughnuts
Maddie and her group after the parade

I ran up for a shot so she thought I deserved some candy!
waving to the crowd


shelly said...

Kris, you really are an amazing photographer! Such a cute family you have. :)

Jolayne said...

You should teach a class!