Friday, July 3, 2009

Theres just no stopping her now!

Maddie found these glasses at Gap the other day and feels like quite the super star in them and well look at her she is a super star!! After getting dressed and telling me how she wanted her hair (to go with her glasses) she was in full pose mode and away I snapped!

She had a little tag a long that was trying to copy all her moves it was really cute, and Maddie was showing her how to do her arms!!

Maddie is a little super star and she enjoys dance and attention so much!!! I cant wait to see what life has to hold for her because I know it wont be anything simple or small!

Like this??

Uh huh!

Throwing in some new dance moves

And a tada

Looking pretty fly for a white girl! hehe

And then off she went to go show Silas how cute she was

NICE the look back while running... baywatch anyone?

And her understudy was ticked that she left

And went running through the hall calling for Mamatttssss (Maddie)