Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A watery, barbq'in, smore, movie, sleepover parte'!

Kaden is turning 11 years old tomorrow. HOLY CRAP! I cant believe that... anyways with his baseball schedule it was hard to find a day for a party/sleepover but thats what he really wanted so we finally found a day that there wouldnt be practice or a game and we grabbed it up! I let him choose 5 friends that could come for a water fight barbque movie sleep over party. It was super busy yesterday but everything went really well and I think everyone had a great time! I didnt hear anyone fight which was nice, there was lots of laughing and seeing Kaden super happy with constant smile was awesome! He really has some great friends and now that they are about to enter middle school Im so glad he has this amazing set of core friends so that they can stick together, they have played every sport together for the last 4 years so they have all become pretty close. I hope he had a great day, Im pretty sure he did, he kept saying thank you over and over and I was just so happy to have made him so happy! Tommorrow will be a fun day for him and sad for me, I just cant believe how old he is, time is flying by with him way to fast!


Norah said...

So both of our boys are entering Middle School, eh? Are you as scared as I am? lol. If you find a way to stop time, let me know! The party sounded awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!