Monday, June 22, 2009

Whats that Lassie??

So today I had a visitor of the feathered kind. It started this morning... as I was checking my email I heard a knock knock knock on my window and I looked up and this bird was bumping into my window and flew away then came and knocked again and again and again. After about the fifth round in my head I thought OMG what if this is a Lassie story and this bird is trying to get me to look at something (dont laugh!!) so I peaked out the window and he would tap on my window then fly around the yard and then come back and just flutter there for a minute it lasted about five minutes the first time. Then later in the afternoon while I was hanging out he came back and did the SAME thing and I finally after several minutes grabbed my camera and he came back for about 10 minutes and I got some fun shots.. he came back again tonight. What a silly bird, I dont speak bird though and Im no Timmy so whoever was in trouble is still in trouble! So here are a couple shots of my new friend (he will NOT be my friend if he does that early in the a.m. though).

And THEN.....
Ya thats baby girl in some panties!! Dont you just wanna give that bum a squeeze! I have blogged about Malia doing some #2's in the potty.. well she has kept that up and now more than not she goes in the potty. If she does go in her diaper she is completely embarrassed and covers her arms over her eyes and never finishes the job if you know what I mean.. so I then have to get her to the potty anyways so she can finish. So anyways this last week she has also gone pee pee on the potty but its always with a poo poo (sorry for all the potty talk) so tonight she had to poo I saw she was getting her embarrassed pose so I asked if she needed to poo poo on the potty and as usual she got excited and ran to the potty and accomplished a #1 and #2!! So we put some panties on her for a couple hours with no accidents.. she didnt ever go potty again tonight but she felt pretty hot in her pretty pink panties and I gotta say her cute little bum was just squishable!! So I gotta decide if I wanna really try to push this potty thing... I know I dont I feel like her vocab skills are there enough to get this done without some serious stress BUT do I give her a couple days of trying using Tamis spot bot a zillion times?? O decisions!! Heres some pics of little missies cute little panties bum!
OO she says pee pee and poo poo and potty SOOO cute! Love it!

This was her happy dance!

She was just so happy and kept watching herself walk around and pulling on them!
Love it!
Happy dance, Happy dance, Happy dance


tamiz said...

I wanna squish that undie bum too!! Unfortunately I think it'll be quite a while before Jude's hiney will be in undies. You have free reign of the spot bot for 15 days (sob).