Monday, August 8, 2011

Eight is Grrrreat!!!

Maddie is 8!! Yesterday she turned eight and I just can not believe my sweet girl is getting so old. Truly it makes me so sad seeing her grow up way to fast for me! She is just the sweetest loving fun caring talented gorgeous girl. We just love her so so much and are and feel so lucky that she chose us to be her family. Lucky lucky us!! Love you MADDIE!!
It was Sunday so we couldnt really go do anything fun so we kept it low key by waking her up (she slept in Kadens room to party) and she had the biggest grin on her little face! Then we went upstairs to open presents. She only had a few small requests.. a dog purse (which was sold when I went to get it :( .. so in that case the walking dog, and a crown. So we added a few things to her list for her. She loves her dog the most and we got her a phone and we are really hoping she doesnt loose this one!!

These are out of order because we did presents first but then Rich made her chocolate pancakes per request of the bday girl!

Oh that cup is so darling it is her birthday cup a friend of mine made.. she has an etsy store if you want one too. She totally personalized it and Maddie just loves it!!

Oh the dog.. it freaking sheds!

Because 8 is so important in our church, you get to be baptized if you choose to do so... so we tried to focus on this aspect of her turning 8 so she got new scriptures and a CTR ring and other baptism jewelry and books. She also had her bishops interview and she passed!! So she will be baptized in a couple weeks and she is really really excited, especially now that the interview part is over!

She was pretty surprised about the dog!

My pretty pretty girl!

She "felt/looked" like a teenager she thought.. so cute!

And at the end of the day we had ice cream cake and it was a hit for our little chocolate lover!


tamiz said...

That is 1 fancy looking cake! I'm just glad that she still gets excited about toy dogs for her birthday. say no to her becoming a teenager!

Melissa said...

Hurray! I made it in! :)

Happy birthday!