Saturday, August 6, 2011

Party time

Yesterday Maddie had some friends over for her Birthday party. It has been a couple years since she has had a party so I knew we were going to have to do something big.. but she decided on just a pool party and it was the easiest party we've ever done!
I think the girls all had a super time. What a bunch of sweet cute girls Maddie is friends with! I love love seeing Maddie have a good time and she was all smiles the whole day!
We went swimming for a couple hours and then ate some pizza went home for gifts and desert which was also simple because she just wanted brownies.. but I added a bit of fun and made whoopie pies!

Kaden was a big hit for these girlie girls and they made him play the shark while they all swam away.. it was cute and he was a good sport!

After pizza (which I was really impressed with these girls putting it away!) they all lined up and asked Rich to throw them in the pool! So he got an arm workout!

And Malia wasnt going to miss this fun.. so glad Kaden was there to be the catcher!

Opening presents is always the most exciting part right!

Lindsey brought lots of girly stuff!

And Kinsey brought a fish.. Maddie is pretty excited about that.. me on the other hand?? lol

Chandler Bing brought some girly fun too!

Abby brought a fun bracelet decorating kit that has kept Maddie very busy!!

Courtney brought a sand decor kit and fun girly clips!

These girlies like their chocolate too!!


Elizabeth said...

What a fun party!! I always had swim parties as a kid, and they were so fun! :) Those whoopie pies look so yummy! Happy Birthday Madison!!

tamiz said...

I too had pool parties as a kid and whoopee pies are my favorite!