Monday, January 4, 2010


I am grateful for alone time with my kids! I really have very well behaved kids.. this is something we worked for but they also have always been pretty easy going, this I love! Malia is entering the terrible twos so she gets testy sometimes when she doesn't get her way but for the most part they are pretty dang easy to take out and about!!
Today we decided to go crazy and have doughnuts for lunch so we headed out and made a stop at a store then went to Winchell's! I LOVE Winchell's and so do the kids, I let them pick out their own doughnuts and we headed home! Malia was not so happy about not getting hers right away but Maddie quickly handed her a toy in the car and all was well!
Its been a pretty long break with the kids home for almost 3 weeks but they are pretty easy so its gone pretty smooth, and I know on Thursday Ill be begging for a longer break and more mornings to sleep in!
Malia usually hates having her pants off but today after her nap and potty she ran off and left them off.. it was cute! Rich and I were talking about how skinny she is looking and I said how she barely has a bumm.. and that I wasn't sure where she got that but it sure wasn't us! haha Cute little pantie bum girl!
She also found a plastic bag that was very entertaining for about 20 minutes

OOO I caught him.. I am determined to get a good pic of him tomorrow!
With all of the toys Santa brought Miss Maddie I found her playing with Kadens cars.. go figure!


Erica said...

You're doing awesome- keep it up!! I am planning on doing P52. I just don't have it in me to do P365. Maybe one day...

What a fun mom- doughnuts for lunch!?! :)

tamiz said...

gimme some doughnuts plz!! i really wish it was earlier in the day so I could get some NOT stale doughnuts. Love the panny bum too!