Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5/365 Got him!

Today I am grateful for the television.. ok I know that is ridiculous I know that you've now lost your breath your jaw has dropped and your thinking I am out of my mind but its true and I will admit it! The kids have almost been home out of school for 3 weeks.. with snow on the ground, cold weather and not a whole lot of near by friends.. this leads to lots of TV time because NO I am not one of those amazingly creative parents that finds things to do with dirt and paper plates.. nope not one of those moms at all! I also dont love going out to zoos or museums all by my lonesome or at all really in the cold! So I have relied heavily on cartoons and lots of movies to keep us all sane! It hasn't been easy especially with all of my favorite shows being on break but for real it has saved my sanity during this Christmas break!!
Now as for my pictures I have to laugh, I walked up to Kaden and said come here and led him outside to the front porch I told him I AM going to get at least 1 good photo of you so you better hurry and cooperate cuz you don't have shoes or a coat, and it was cold! It was pretty funny, he rolled his eyes but played along. I love his serious face, he has a hard time giving me a real smile, which I understand because I'm horrible with that too but he is such a good looking boy!! So yeah I Love that first photo, I was loosing light outside so the last photo wasn't as great as I was hoping but we got it!

I have discussed on here Malias obsession with her daddy's tie.. she had a melt down this morning when I didn't let her play with it while covered in yogurt, so I had to quickly strip her down so she could play with his tie! Cracks me us, she just loves it and was having a ball!

A little peek a boo!

Movie time today... thank goodness!
Maddies photo today was RUSHED and crappy but I got it, we were headed out the door to dance OOPS!
These photos crack me up, this is Maddies bow that she carries around and uses as all sorts of things when she is playing, leashes for dogs, dress up etc. Malia found it and brought it to me and asked me to put it in her hair, when I did she started cracking up and left it in there for the rest of the night.. so cute!

K this is exciting, I finally got my first ordered canvas in.. I love it!!


Melissa said...

LOVE the canvas!

Erica said...

I made a large canvas collage for my parents for Christmas and it turned out AWESOME! I was so happy with the results and so were they.

tamiz said...

Love the pic of Kaden where it look like the rooftops are wings matching those on his shirt! Good looking boy you have there. Have to say at first glance when I saw the bow in Malia's hair I was shocked you'd allow such a BIG thing~HA! I was right

Lynn said...

Hi--I just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying your pictures every day! I found your blog through VietnamLucy and am glad to find another uplifting and honest blog to read--and with pictures too! double bonus!