Saturday, January 2, 2010

2/365 Challenging

I am grateful for being challenged. I think one of the hardest things of this 365 challenge will be getting good photos.. I don't want to post mediocre photos everyday but I know I wont get good photos every day. Today, day 2 is already one of those days. I tried to get good photos of all the kids this morning dancing and singing in Maddies room but I just couldn't capture a good photo of Kaden at all and the ones of Maddie she was moving so it just wasn't there and lighting bla bla bla! A lot of the photos will be in the house this time of year, since we are still covered in snow so this will be a challenge!!
We finally found some cd's for Maddies Karaoke machine so theres a whole lot of singing going on.. I love it! We love music in this house!

Malia was fascinated by the words on the machine!
OO the pink in that room sure makes for hard pics too !!! But I do love Maddies eyes in this one!

Here my friends might just be the biggest challenge of all! Kaden! He is soo not into having his pic taken, he is way over it and has put up with it for 11 years. So when I tracked him down and explained to him what I was doing and that I was going to need to take his pic every day all year long, well this was his response...

And after trying for a few smile pics I realized I might just have to take what I can get! He is a good boy but I'm not sure he will put up with me taking his pic every day so he just might not make the blog everyday with the girls.. who still put up with the camera!! Doesn't he realize how dang cute he is!!