Thursday, January 7, 2010


1 week already.. that went by pretty fast!! Today I am thankful for organization. I grew up in a home that was always clean, my mom was a bit of a "clean freak" and always had our daily chores. I appreciate a lot of what I was taught when it comes to cleaning though I try really hard not to go over board, I even have "hot spots" as I call them that are a bit messy just to help myself not be to anal.. is that weird?? LOL
I have daily chores myself to help me know exactly what needs to be cleaned that day, this way I am not overwhelmed by cleaning the whole house in 1 day or feeling lost with a messy house as to where to start. I love that I can say O today is Thursday time to vacuum!! It sure helps me to stay and feel organized, because I can not handle a cluttered dirty house!!
After dance today Maddie played dress up.. she went into my closet and found my "wedding" shoes.. they aren't my wedding shoes but they are white lol! Love when she plays dress up!

Malia is a big fan of horse rides and today we tried a piggy back ride.. she was cracking up the WHOLE time it was to cute.. she starting getting a little to excited though.. I started feeling almost bites on my back YIKES!! She bites when she gets super excited!
That is a happy girl! I cant believe how long her hair is getting all of a sudden.
Please ignore my bad hair day and apparent double chin and geeze I could complain about a million things YUCK but I love her face in this one, she looks tiny but her face looks older.. Rich gets credit for these photos!
After Malia wakes up from nap she is usually ready for snacks so she picks one out and sits down for a treat! She is in love with gold fish right now.

Sweet girl
Kaden and Maddie went back to school today so they are officially back in the grind!! YEAH!


Haley L said...

The girls all played dress-up here the other morning. Funny to watch the personality change with the outfit! I'm impressed with your one post per day. You go girl!

tamiz said...

My New Year's Res... be more like Kris. I even wrote down your schedule!