Monday, January 11, 2010


I am so thankful for Malias smile! Today I knew I needed to get a good photo of Malia for the I Heart Faces All about faces photo entry (see below post). I am never sure how Malia will feel about having the camera in her face, sometimes shes excited and sometimes I get yelled NO and then just pouts and avoiding. So today after putting it off I asked her after lunch if she wanted to take some pictures, she smiled and ran into the "dance room" and layed and the blanket and proceeded to give me these...
This is the photo I choose, I hard a hard time choosing, there were a few I really loved but capturing her smile is a real feat so I knew I had to choose it!!

We all of a sudden had a lot of sun it was fun!
Love me some good eye shots!

I love when the kids all play together. Tonight the girls were tackling Kaden, it was cute!

Maddie is fierce
And O so cute!
Handsome boy
In an attempt to hide from the camera he put a bag over his head! Malia wasn't having it!
Silly boy
She sure loves her brother


Haley L said...

The clarity of your photos is astonishing! Love, love, love the one you picked of Malia. :)

tamiz said...

Wow, I thought you could get away with the I heart entry as day 11. You are above and beyond!! You take pix everyday. I haven't had my camera out since Matthew left!

Erica said...

I love that last picture of Malia giving Kaden a kiss. I try to capture those moments, because I am sure that there will be a day when my kids will need to look at them and remember- once they really did like each other! Great pictures- love those smiles too!!

Angela said...

Very cute pictures of your kids! I really love the picture you chose of Malia too! She is just so darn sweet!