Thursday, April 30, 2009

A scouting we will go!

I have to admit something so shocking you might need to sit down... I HATE scouts, not the boys but having to do it, I have a horrible attitude about it, I know this and Im working on it. I love that Kaden loves it but really for the last few years its been all about me helping him do all this crap that I really dont give a rip about.. I know BAD attitude! So I told Rich tonight that he better get moving on this crap and start helping Kaden out cuz Im ready for a scouty break!
Now onto better things, Kaden got his Weebelos tonight! He has worked pretty hard the last month or so to make sure he got it before his birthday in a couple months and also his leaders got switched and he wanted to be able to get some stuff finished with them before the new ones started. So hooray!! Now on to his Arrow of Light... RICH get to work!

Proud parents!

Maddie and Silas dont care to much for the whole deal either.. I was wishing I could join them!
Kaden got to call the flags tonight and did a great job!
The weather this week has been just beautiful! I had to do some summer shopping for the girls... yes for real they really were in need! Maddie went with me and we had a blast and did some serious damage in a very short amount of time.. Gap has the cutest lines right now and I want them all! So here are just a few pics from the last couple of days, I have not been good about getting photos and blogging SORRY!
I love a good air shot!
Is she cute or what
seriously love the turn the head shots
being so goofy.. I swear this outfit gave her a serious tude
Maddie in frog pose! Love that this girl is a good poser for me!


Melissa said...

Oh, I would so not be good at scouts - that would definitely be Brian's job! Glad you had fun shopping - only thing better than shopping for one girl would be shopping for two! LOL

tamiz said...

I seriously wanted to squeeze Malia's diaper bummie in those stretch pants! So cute! can we get this Outdoorsman badge???

Haley L said...

Maybe you and I should start a support group for this Moms of Scouts with Bad Attitudes. Ha! Soon you can turn Kaden over to Doug and wash your hands of it all for a while! ;)