Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lovin the weather!

We are having perfect weather right now so we have been enjoying lots of time outside! Malia isnt hesitant on the lawn anymore (maybe because it isnt so crunchy) and is loving her new slide and running around! I loved watching Maddie and Malia today having fun and running around together. I also got what I think is my most favorite shot of Malia ever... LOVE LIGHT ROOM!! So here are lots and lots of photos, this first one is my FAV!!!

I was enjoying trying to get the glare of the sun in these photos.. gotta love the constant drool
Love this one too.. she was just exploring
She had picked a flower and was kissing sweet!
Maddie was being a puppy!
Following sis

First checking out that dang dandilion UGH I hate weeds but she thought it was great
See momma
Maddie loves her Easter chalk
Cant get me!
It was missmatch day today and this was Maddies outfit today.. we had lots of fun and Maddie is always such a good poser!


Angela said...

That first one of Malia is my favorite! What a gorgeous girl! That is a great picture!!!! You are getting good at this stuff!

Tirsa said...

Seriously, you NEED to submit these pictures to some sort of contest or magazine. You are a great photographer and you have the cutest subjects!

Scott said...

great pics... wish we had some of that weather here..