Saturday, March 28, 2009

A snowy post

On Thursday morning we awoke to just a wee bit of snow, it wasnt even sticking really so when we got a call saying school was cancelled for a snow day I was a bit annoyed! Well around 10 it was definately sticking and had turned into a blizzard! It was so nice getting the snow but geesh so much in so little time kinda stinks! So Rich got sent home early and him and Maddie had fun out in the snow have a snowball fight while he shoveled and then later I dared Rich to run outside as is (as in no coat, gloves, shoes) and make a snow angel... he followed up with I will if you will and dared me! Well I dont back down from a dare so off he went hoo hoo hooing like a school girl (hehehe) and he did an impressive job and ran all the way out to the yard which I was not planning on doing! So then it was my turn but my as is included a hat and socks HA!! So I got out there and SCRAME like a girl in prep to just sit and made my angel and I was pretty impressed with myself! HAHA!! So then Maddie was begging and begging for us to let her so we finally gave in but had to convince Kaden to join her... she did amazing Kaden didnt last long and ran back in while Maddie (barefoot and no coat) had to be told to come back in... well Kaden decided not to let his lil sis out do him so he went for a second time! It was lots of fun and I hope these little memories will be the kind they look back on and laugh!
Malia wasnt so much into the snow so she spent the day like seriously hours wearing Maddies very long soft scarf and stayed nice and cozy in doors!

Maddies first leap into the snow
Right after she threw a snowball at dad!

running and singing in the snow

He wore the right shirt!

hoo hoo hooo!

Crazy boy!



My little angels... check out those cold toes AHHH so brave and tough

Kaden running back while Maddie still chills in the snow
do da do da doo COME IN CRAZY GIRL!!
Taking his time this time... he had us cracking up trying to outdo her
My very smart dry warm girl
And just cuz I liked it in color too... I love this new grin shes been giving me.


Tirsa said...

What family fun! And you need to submit some of these pics of Malia to photo contests. There is an adoption mag, Adoptive Families that always wants pics and I know that girl would make the cover!

Norah said...

Okay, I am FREEZING after this post!
Malia's hair!!!!! How are you getting it to grow so fast?! Linhsey STILL has hardly any hair.