Thursday, March 19, 2009

A girl, a ball, a tongue, and some grass

Doesnt she look so old in this photo.. she has been going through a huge growth spurt and its making me so sad. Her understanding level is also jumping right now and even though I love watching her grow and learn I wish she would slow down a bit!
We spent quite a bit of time outside today, the weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days and being that Malia is always hot its been nice for her to be in some sleeveless shirts!
Malia didnt take a morning nap and so early afternoon she was hanging out on my lap reading books and conked out! I love when this happens, any time of her being squirm free on my lap so I can sneak in some cuddles is awesome!

Malia loves being outside, not so much on the grass yet.. we've started watering so Im hoping it will start to green up! Not sure Im ready for yard work but I got started today UGH!!
She is super excited to find the balls outside and stood in the same spot for at least 10 minutes afraid to walk around but pretty dang excited to have the ball! Check out that tongue!

She was laughing and telling the ball some jokes I think.


Pure joy is what a ball will bring her.. so simple!

NOT so happy about falling on the grass and having mom shoot a photo.... hey I was already in position!

She recovered quickly and soon had Kaden walking her around and finally let go and started just running around! I love watching her explore!!! I didnt get more photos of the older kids cuz we got to work on pulling weeds... yes weeds already YUCK! And Kaden and Maddie (especially Maddie) were having lots of fun helping me out!!


Tamara said...


She is just gorgeous! Jia seems so big to me too, and so smart. Really a full on toddler - not a baby at all :(
I'm so glad they are both doing so well, but would have liked a baby just a little longer:)
Love the red dress and stripy pants! Is that Hanna Anderson??? Could you email me where it's from?
Keep in touch,

Melissa said...

Love the pictures - she is so beautiful! Her outfit is seriously cute.

Rory has just gone through a growth spurt too (and is now potty training herself!). It's a really fun age, but it makes me so sad to see the baby stages pass by so quickly.

Rhea Anne said...
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Rhea Anne said...

Your daughter is so cute. We are adopting from Korea and her pics made me smile. I can't wait to see our sweet little angel. :) I just found your blog tonight. Blessings,