Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Could you just die with how sweet that face is.. I love this shot of her its almost haunting how she can look at you and read you it seems... not in a creepy way!
So this weekend was a busy one for us, Kaden had his derby car race so we set off for church pretty early and got his car ready to go.. there are a lot of restrictions and rules in our ward so we mostly have to go after style rather than speed but this year was the best one of his cars has ever done so we were pretty happy with that. He was bummed to have not done better but a trip to Red's after seemed to cheer him up!! He got 2nd place twice 3rd place 1 and the last race he got 4th so his car was slowing down by the end. But it looked awesome.. and somehow I didnt end up with a photo with him and his car OOPS! So it was fun.
Then after lunch at Red Robin and a quick trip to Target where we bought Malia a bouncy thingy with balls to keep her entertained we started on some serious yard work. It was a beautiful day but we were sweating and we managed to take down the old swing sold my patio table and chairs on craigslist and got myself a new lawn boy (which I am super duper excited about) so it was a very good day! We have a lot of work to do and mostly we need to figure out exactly what we want out of our yard and how to accomplish that... so we'll see!
So for the almost part... I mentioned Malia is showing signs of being ready to potty train so every once in awhile when I can tell shes about to do her "business" I put her on the potty. So tonight I knew she was ready so I put her on the potty and she was overjoyed and wanted to just play so I was telling her to poop and she started to push when she realized OOO somethings happening and she kinda freaked and wanted off but still wanted on, so I finally just got her off and layed down to see (and sorry this is gross) that yes she was VERY close to accomplishing a poopie on the potty and pretty much as soon as the diaper was on she was able to finish. I know those first few times is scary especially for an 18 month old so Im still not ready to push the issue I will just keep offering the potty to her when I know shes in a good mood and ready to do some "biness" !! YIKES Im so not ready but I dont want to take an accomplishment away from her or stall her in something she is ready for so dang it we will just keep trying!

I just love this photo of Maddie, she had wanted curlers which dont really work in her short hair so we did a pony tail but left that one curl down cuz she was loving it!

This is how the ended up spending the weekend... hanging in the ball pit!

Sweet girl!

Outside loving the new toy!

Actually she was a little freaked at first but once I put her in with the kids she was all about the balls and bouncing

At the derby where she was being a complete pain!! But loving being up on dad!

Somehow the only shot of his face I got during the derby dang it! Proud of him for not pouting about our derby making skills.


Elizabeth said...

That ball pit looks way fun! I might have to check into one of those for our house! Good luck with the potty training!

Angela said...

That is a way cute picture of Malia! Great shot! I love Maddie's hair curled like that. She is a doll. At least Kayden participated and had a good time? I think that is most important. We didn't even go this year... We are not good examples. :)

tamiz said...

I love the ball pit. Where did you get it? How much did you pay? Do you think they have more???