Thursday, March 26, 2009

My AI rundown

K so heres the thing Im trying not to come off to mean and more funny so we'll see if it works!!

So first off Paula what the **** are you thinking with your 4 year olds dress up costume that you stole.. leave the tutu's for the ballerinas K!! And all the sexual innuendos for real this is a kids show and think before you speak! She is some good entertainment for sure!
Matt is growing on me.. Im a JT fan so at first it bugged me that he was a bit of a JT wanna be but I am really starting to like him.
Kris is forgettable to me.. hes gotten a ton better but steal forgettable.
Scott I love but I feel like he needs to pick better songs.. I like when he sings more Disneyish sounding soft songs to get that sweetness out of his voice rather than blah. And Paula let the boy have his piano what the crap do you think hes gonna do on stage without it?? GEESH
Megan is adorable and I love how quirky she is but also needs to pick better songs and stick with her style and not try to be something different its confusing.
Anoop is getting better to but still boring to me.
O Michael I liked him at first but when he came on tonight I had totally forgotten he was even still on....
Lil I feel like she is also trying to venture out and be someone she isnt and it annoys me.. stick with your R&B sound please!
Adams performance last week was freaking weird so I am having a hard time with him this week even though I know he sounded good... Much better without the goth look btw
Danny is my fav so far I love his story I love his voice and I love what he can do to a song LOVE HIM!!
Allison was great tonight but there is something about her that drives me NUTS... I think it is her over confidence, confidence is great but the cockiness that comes with it is annoying.
Wow so almsot everyone annoys me guess I shouldnt watch yikes!!!


Angela said...

I agree with you and am a Danny fan too! I think Adam did well last night and really made the song his own, but still something weird going on there... :) The best girl left in my book is Alison. I think a boy will win the whole thing however! Predictions for tonight? I think we may lose Michael and Meggan...

Erica said...

I cannot stand what Paula has worn most of the season. I said to Jamey last night- who dresses that girl? I really like Danny too- I cannot get over the high pitch singing that Adam has sang the last 2 weeks!! I wish Megan will go tonight- I really don't like her singing or dancing.

Blaine and Tirsa said...

Every time Blaine walks in the room while I am watching AI and he sees Paula, he says something like "What is she wearing?" This coming from a guy who doesn't notice what people wear!
I LOVED Matt's performance this week and can't believe he was in the bottom 3.