Thursday, January 6, 2011


After telling her to clean her room or something else she doesnt want to do she'll say "You dont tell me!"

She loves to say "Guess What!"

Her new thing is all about why? and after answering the why... a few times and her still asking WHY I start saying because, to which she replies "You dont say CU'UZ"

She is always wanting to make sure we are smiling and happy with her.. especially if she has just done something noddy.. she will tilt her head and say "SMILE"

She is always telling me "you make me so happy" and "I love you so much" in the cutest tone

After not practicing letters or numbers or any of that good stuff for the last few weeks we started again yesterday and I thought that maybe she wouldnt remember all the sounds but she still has it all down including all the words she knows how to read! Girlfriend is a smarty pants!

There are a lot of phrases she says that I always think I need to write that down and of course I forget so I will have to do better with that!


Elizabeth said...

She did ask me "Why?" a lot in sunbeams last week too! :) LOL Too funny!! She is one cute smarty pants that's for sure!

Melissa said...

She sounds delightful!

Angela said...

Oh, the WHY stage... :) I remember that oh too well! I can just hear her saying those funny things! What a fun age!

Norah said...

These are all so cute. Ummm, is that snow and bare piggy toes in the same picture?!