Sunday, January 16, 2011

13 years and 1/2 my life later....

I am still lucky enough to be with the most wonderful man! I cant believe that its been 13 years since that freezing cold stormed over day when I married the man I never thought I would be lucky enough to get.
After he stood me up on our first date.. yes thats right he did, we started out as friends sending letters to each other while he was in the army. After a year or so he came home and we knew that we loved each other. Im not lying when I say he rescued me. He rescued me from my past and from a future of being alone (thinking that I wanted to be alone).
So you see I am quite the lucky girl. He doesnt argue with me (much) and he is usually smart enough to say sorry first! He isnt demanding or pushy actually he lets me take that role! He is hard working, strong, smart, loving, and much kinder than I ever am. He is an excellent father and for all of these things I am very grateful. I didnt know there could be marriages like the one we have and I am always so proud of us both for sticking with it and working to be who we are together now.
Together we get to be silly..

And we sure do laugh
And other things hehe
We decided to celebrate yesterday because today is church, and it was kinda funny (or unfortunate) that we started our day out just as we had all those years ago. But after a rough morning (not anything dramatic between us) we went to Kadens bball game and then we went on a date of shopping, where he spoiled me and then to dinner. It was really nice!!
I love you babe.. thanks for 13 wonderful, hard, funny amusing and right back to awesome and wonderful years!
Kadens team sucks, yep they do but thats ok. Kaden plays great D and when he has the ball he handles it great and even got a couple baskets yesterday. The coach unfortunately is a little to concerned with his own son, nephew and friends playing rather than teaching some fundamentals (we SUCK at passing) rather than letting the better players play and actually teaching them how to play. Im thinking this will be a big waist of a season. BUT like I said Kaden is playing great when he is in so I guess we will focus on that!


tamiz said...

Happy Anniversary to you! 13 should be a lucky year!

Haley L said...

Happy Anniversary! Great pics! Kaden did play great yesterday--guess they are supposed to be learning that life is not fair, even when you bust your butt. :(

chanel said...

oh my goodness, you're soooo cute! congrats on lucky #13!!!

you crack me up!

shelly said...

Happy Anniversary, that is so awsome!!!

Angela said...

I really like the serious pic! You are so beautiful! Congrats on 13 years of togetherness!