Friday, January 14, 2011

Malia p52 outtakes

My first attempt at getting my p52 pic did not go the way I wanted, I grabbed Malia, bundled her up we went outside but she wasnt feeling it. I had made her pause Tad and she wasnt happy about that so I promised her a snack after we were done, and then I made the mistake of saying the word chocolate... WOOPS lets just say we ended up back in the house with her in time out for a major tantrum!
So after a calm down and some snuggles we tried again, it was now a little to bright so of course her eyes disappear BUT she was way more into it and was grabbing the snow and throwing it up and then trying to eat it! It was cute!
After I got a few shots it was so nice outside that I just let her play for awhile. She was in heaven! Girl friend needs good weather so she can play outside!
Check out my below post for my actual project 52 pics!

Future skier?


Sharon said...

Sounds like how some of my shoots go...hehehe. It was 17 out when I drove L to school this morning. Send me some warm weather!

Melissa said...

Good to know my kids aren't the only ones who sometimes throw tantrums when I want to take their picture. ;)

Angela said...

I just love her little mittens! Adorable! Great shots of her face with snow on it!

Elizabeth said...

Love the Future skier one!