Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52 A new year a new goal!

After completing my project 365 I know I needed a new project/goal for this year. I did a little looking around and decided on two different Project 52's. They are photography projects. Both of them you get a theme or word for the week and take a picture of your interpretation.
This weeks was egg and something around the house. So here are my first 2 of the year!

This nest was discovered after all of the leaves were ripped away by the wind. We can see it right outside our kitchen windows and I have been fascinated by it. It was built so strong that it has held up through all the wind, snow and rain. But I also find it very lonely. It makes me think of empty nesters.. something Im not looking forward to.
And these boxes are my "something around the house" theme. They are boxes I bought while with my sister for Malias room before she was even home. I loved them right away and still wish they were in my room instead! I love the antique but fresh look about them. After photographing them I thought ya Im stealing those but Malia was soon by my side saying those are for my room. So guess I cant steal them!


tamiz said...

FUN! I still need to do a tutorial with my camera. I can't remember what you told me. Well I thought I did but then when I try "it", I'm obviously way off.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun new project! Love the nest pic! I too am not looking forward to empty nesters.