Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 3 Project 52

This week was a really a challenge for both photos. This first ones theme was "grey matter" and there were photos being posted of just regular pics in b&w and then there were some really thinking type of photos like concerning religion and state and all that business.
So I while I was grabbing Rich's ring out of my car.. yes he leaves it EVERYWHERE! I decided to just grab a pic of our rings! I waited to late in the day and had bad light and I just couldnt decide how to edit them and which one to choose but with a little help I decided on this one!

Now this next ones theme was "dirty" and I gasped at the thought of having to take a pic of something dirty, I had to hurry and wash my hands at the thought.. just kidding (kinda).
Anyways I got a delivery of CRUMBS cupcakes this week and we were all sitting around the table enjoying them when I looked at Maddie and had to grab my camera. She was devouring hers and it was all chocolate and gooey yumminess!! And while I made her wait while I focused in on the cupcake I grabbed that pic just as her eyes grew and about bounced out of her eyes with the anticipation of awaiting that next yummy bite! Cracked me up when I snapped it!


Sharon said...

The cupcake photo is AMAZING! I LOVE it!

Angela said...

Man those cupcakes look amazing! I need chocolate now! :)