Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Malia has been saying oooo when talking to herself a lot lately and I always say O snap, so I have started to say that to her the last couple of days when she is in a middle of an oooo session and she has started to say it back. Its really cute she'll say OO nap! And then carry on with nap nap nap! Speaking of naps, Malia is kinda over the whole sippy/bottle thing and today didnt lay on my lap to have her milk. (Usually she has I feed her her milk before each nap and bed time). Makes me very sad that she is already over it, I only got less than 4 months but I am grateful for the time I did get to spend feeding her a bottle and the bonding we had during that time, and maybe its not completely over yet! She already seems to be growing up so fast so I will just not push anything to fast with her, being that she hasnt been here to long and she is our baby and most likely our last baby. So OH SNAP shes growing up to fast!
In these photos Maddie was sharing her glasses with Malia and they were just busting up. Ive put a pair of mine on Malia before and she just thinks its the funniest thing to have them on. I was busting up watching them, they are so cute together.


tamiz said...

Love it! What a bunch of cuties!

Erica said...

I love the second picture- that face is so stinking cute! Why is it that the fun baby/toddler days go by so darn fast?!

Haley L said...

Most likely your last?? You left the door open there, you know. ;)