Friday, January 9, 2009

Lots of photos

I just love her sweet sleeping face!


Well lots of pics so Ill make the post short. Our church time changed on Sundays so now we have time to relax in the morning so we had a dart gun fight it was lots of fun! Malia is in love with all of Maddies stuffed animals right now, she will just fall on them and love them.. I havent been able to catch her really snuggle super cute shes to fast but its so dang cute! Kaden Made us desert on Sunday and it was super yummy, he did a great job. Maddie got some new dance clothes for Christmas and started her new dance class this week and I think we are going to be very happy. Maddie and Malia are always playing on the floor, Malia loves to check out whats in your mouth... really maybe a future dentist?? Malia got some leg warmers and when I put them on she loved them but wasnt sure how to walk in them... it was like watching a cat with tape on its feet, she got on all fours and wasnt sure what to do, but ended up loving them and wearing them all day. SO CUTE!! Also Malias new favorite thing to do is crawl in the chairs and stools, shes pretty good about getting in and out but sometimes a rescue is in order! There are more photos in there but thats what we have been up to this week!


Tamara said...

Man - Look at all the hair on that little girly!!! No wonder you can get those big bows to stay in. We're still working on getting enough hair for itty bitty bows :)

Alison said...

great pictures!! that last one just made me laugh! do we need to have a Top Chef Jr. edition for all the guys?