Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Malia has a horrible cold right now so it has been a crappy couple of days for her and well for me. We go from sneezing out snot to wiping to bawling because of me wiping which causes more snot and more wiping and the trend continues. It breaks my heart that she is feeling so crappy. She cried a lot today and there isnt much I can do for her. I got some tips from my on call nurse friend THANKS HALEY!! And so she is happily sleeping right now and Im hoping and praying she wakes up feeling much better so that I dont loose my sanity tomorrow.

This was after her bath tonight and she was actually having fun but she looks miserable.
Having a little fun in the tub thankfully it cheered her up!
About to get drugged up!!

Ya that is snot and drool hanging off her face Poor babies nose is so raw from all the wiping and her eyes are puffy from crying and just from the cold over all. I sure hope she feels better, its so sad watching her feel so crappy.


Haley L said...

She looks like she can't even breathe one breath out of that stuffy nose. :( Maybe it's time to disguise the bulb syringe as a sucker or something. Ha! Poor punkin. On a much lighter note, the FLDS post was a gut-buster. Good laughs indeed!

Kelly said...

I hope she feels better soon. That is so hard when they are just miserable.

Jolayne said...

Try rubbing some blistex on her sore nose. It will keep it from getting worse and soothe some of the rawness.