Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Gift

Rich told me a couple weeks ago that he got me something really awesome for our anniversary... well Im not so good with surprises so I teased him into believing I figured it out....which I kinda did until he told me what it was! HA I know Im a butt but I hate surprises even though this one was AWESOME!
He had collaborated with my sis and was flying her in so we could go to a show and have a fun girls weekend! So she got here on Friday and we went to The Color Purple at the Buell that night. It was... different, fun, unexpected, but we both had no idea what it was really about and there were some surprises lol Becki was thinking he had bought tickets to Purple Rain with Prince lol so it wasnt that !!!!
Then Saturday we went and saw Bride Wars and that was way cute and we had a blast and then had some Red Robin!
We did some shopping and a lot of laughing and got her re-hooked on the guitar hero! She is at medium now and is about to take us all over and kick our butts!
Unfortunately Malia was still feeling pretty crappy so there wasnt a whole lot of fun time with her but she is feeling better today, thank goodness. We also went to Kadens bball game and had a very intense game that included some very handsy boys and some really bad calls from the ref that really ended up costing us the game by 1 point GRRR but it was a fun one to watch.
So a huge thanks to Rich for being so thoughtful and bringing out Becki! I just love my sis and dont know what I would do without her... also thanks to Randy for going along with it and to Becki thanks so much sis I love you so much and always have the best time with you! I love getting together and talking about the old days, your the best!

Malia, feeling sassy on Friday right before our social worker came for our 3 month PP.
Reading some mags with Aunt Becki

I LOVE this pic... Becki your eyes are so blue Im so jealous!

And heres the rest!


Becki said...

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun too! Love you lots!!!!