Saturday, April 2, 2011

WOW what a Spring Break we had!

Well I have been MIA for pretty much the last 2 weeks. We were all hit with a horrible cold/cough/sinus icky rude crude and disturbing illness so our break has been one of which we all layed around going through boxes and boxes and more boxes of tissue. The only time we got out was to go to the doc or grocery store for meds.. seriously not fun!! But Im not going to dwell on that hehe so yesterday Rich had the day off and it was the first day that Malia was feeling better so we took advantage and headed right out to "Hop" which was a cute movie! Then Rich took the older 2 to a movie while Malia got a nap in. Then Rich took Kaden and his friend to a movie while the girls chilled at home! It was so nice hearing the girls playing again and even the HEY and them irritating each other was music to my ears!! Today was GORGEOUS! We headed out early to "Crack Pots" to paint some fun pottery and they all had a blast. Then we spent some time outside, wish I had grabbed my camera but I have fallen out of the habbit OOPS! I even got a little yard work out of them!! Weve been doing some spring cleaning which was really nice too! I love getting rid of crap! And tonight we havent decided what to do yet. Im just so darn happy that we all feel good I dont care what we do!

Cute little crooked smile she has going on!


Angela said...

Glad you are all feeling better! Sounds like you did some fun things in the past 2 days to make up for feeling like crud. I really like that pic of Malia with the paint brush in focus and her behind it. You need to e mail me some pointers on how to get that effect... Can it be done with my camera? So cool!

alison said...

I second that--glad you are over the crud and back to feeling good.

Sharon said...

That crooked smile is adorable! Glad everyone is feeling better. We recently had the sickies in our house. Feels like each week someone has something new.