Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little catch up.. again!

So its been a crazy 3 weeks! With everyone getting sick and then Maddie getting really sick again and Rich and I having to make a big decision its just been crazy and I haven't had the time or want to pull out my camera or blog. This weekend my sister came out for a quick visit! I wish it was for longer, it was a good visit. I felt bad that we couldnt go do a bunch since poor Maddie could barely get off the couch but we still got out a did a couple things! I cant get the pics off my phone but we decided to us girls should all go get our toes done (Except Malia who was napping) so we all went and got a little pampering! Maddie has wanted to do that forever and since she only had to sit there it was perfect! And since Becki is always doing everyone elses feet it was nice for her to get hers done by someone else.. even though the water was cold! There was also a seriously funny dumb and dumber spa moment but Ill keep that to myself! Becki and I went to MadCap and laughed our butts off! I think that is my favorite place to go right now! So dang funny! We did manage to get away when Rich was home for our date and a little shopping so that was nice! The older kids went to the rec and hung out by themselves. I didnt manage to get any pics of them since they were usually not hanging out with us oldies and babies! I love having my sis here and wish she was closer, thanks for coming we had a great time!! And isnt my little niece just gorgeous.. she has the most expressive face.. I wish I would have gotten some of that on camera!

And here are the pics of what the kids painted over Spring Break.. they did a great job!

Maddies.. the flowers are textured and looks so cool in person!
So there you have it!


Becki said...

So glad we could come out too!!! I wish it was longer :) I'm glad Maddie is feeling better too, she is looking much, much better!!!