Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So my darling husband whom I love very much shouted quietly at me last night that a goose was in our pond!! I ran over to the window and looked out into the pond and see two mallards.. 1 female 1 male and I was so dang excited! I then turned and looked at him and said hun those are ducks!! He said Oh did I call them geese? LMBO!!
I had to hurry and grab my camera but I didnt dare go outside so I had to use my zoom/crap lens and had to shoot through the window. After getting a few pics I decided to go around the front and sneak back but they were already leaving the pond and of course heard me as I approached around the side. I hope they come back, the male was gorgeous.. his head was such a beautiful green I am just dying that I couldnt be closer!
Made for a fun evening!

After our goldfish??


Becki said...

Seriously Rich!??? There is enough geese in CO that he should easily know the difference. hahahaha So do you still have any fish left?

Sharon said...

How cool! All we get is a frog that comes to our