Sunday, May 1, 2011

District Meet

This was a very busy weekend for us, so I will start with Kadens district meet. Well we weren't prepared for the full long day. I was thinking it would be over around 2-3 ha nope! Maddie had a convention so she and I had to leave at noon and at that point we had been there since 9 and we hadn't even seen him do one race. He didn't get his first one in until 3. So Rich had to keep me updated!
It definitely wasn't his best performance this weekend, and you'll see what I blame later! His 400 he was dreading and that attitude definitely proved to be detrimental.. he got 4th or 5th. Then right after he had hurdles and I don't know what happened but he again didn't do well and got 4th. Finally with the 200 it was a better race and he got 3rd.
But even though he didn't perform as well as he had hoped we are still really impressed with how well he did this season! We havent seen the actual standings yet but he did have a very good season! I would love if this became his ONLY sport!!

THIS is what I blame for his performance... distracted much?! This is how he spent the whole morning and into the afternoon!

Malia got to spend the whole day there cheering Kaden on eating junk and driving Rich nuts.. better him than me!!!


Becki said...

I think that you need to super glue his shoe laces or something ... I see they came untied AGAIN!!!

And just the beginning of many, many, distractions yet to come :)


tamiz said...

Girls ruin everything!