Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 52 ~ Spring Fever

After a long hiatus because of sick kids and moving I am finally back on track with my p52! So I missed a few weeks but thats ok!
This weeks theme on MCP is "Spring Fever" and tonight we bar b qued and I was itching to get some good photos of the kids without them posing and lucky me Kaden and Malia started running around chasing each other and wrestling and it made my day!
I think my favorite part of being a kid was getting to run around on the grass and roll around. As an adult I still love walking bare foot on the grass when its nice and green and soft, the kind where you can sit anywhere and it smells and feels fresh.. love me some fresh green grass!
And add to that the kids giggling and rolling around.. it was perfect!


Elizabeth said...

I too love seeing the grass turn green! When I was younger..I would roll down this huge big hill by my house in fun! But then I would end up sneezing! ha

tamiz said...

Yay im glad you're back to normal. Now I need a pic of your roosters!