Sunday, May 1, 2011


I realized I havent mentioned this small tiny fact.. we are moving.. this week! It has been crazy the last month but we have been packing up rooms and are all set except clothes, kitchen and bed sets! We were supposed to close on the house tomorrow but there was a delay in some paper work so its set for Wednesday but possibly Tuesday. Our plan is to just use the week to get stuff moved over and by Friday night be in the house all the way and spend our first night there. We are not looking forward to moving all of our stuff. I have been getting rid of so much stuff so that we dont have to move as much lol!
But we are really excited to move into this beautiful home. I feel very lucky and the kids are very excited. Its not a far move but just far enough!!!
A somewhat fresh start is always good right! So it will be a crazy week and now that Ive done like 4 posts in 1 day I feel like Im good for awhile!!!


Sharon said...

You're moving again?! What brought this on? I hope everything goes smoothly!

tamiz said...

I'm so glad they're moving things along finally. I'll watch Malia for you! HAHAHA

Melissa said...

Wow! How did you keep such a secret! Good luck with the move.