Friday, May 13, 2011

New Beginnings and stuff..

So we are all moved in!!! WOO HOO!! It was stressful of course but also went pretty smooth.. for the most part! We started Wednesday night last week and then I took loads over Thursday while Rich worked. I would take a load put things away take the boxes refill and reload. That made it seem smoother and quicker I think. Then that night we had a few helpers come to do the big stuff. Friday we finished up and Saturday I spent the morning cleaning the house. So by Sunday we had everything hung up on walls and put away!
We are enjoying the house and I think the transition has gone pretty smooth for all of us! I think Lucy had a few hard days but she seems quite comfortable now!
This week has been filled with people in and out of the house. The master and Kadens shower doors were not in yet so that has been an ordeal but today we were finally able to shower in our own showers!!!
So we are happy! We are excited! And its all good!

This is from before we moved..

We have A LOT OF WINDOWS!! Which is awesome except for the fact that we are next to the street so we have to cover them up for privacy! But you can see how much light we get..

We had a TON of rain the last 2 days, so the area right behind our yard turned into a lake.

We keep thinking Lucy is lost and then we find her in a new spot just snoozing the day away.. hard life!

Our lake.. with ducks!

I also had a fabulous Mothers Day. Got spoiled rotten and just over all had a really great day. Church was really nice in our new ward. Even though it was weird and awkward being with new people and we were all a little nervous I havent felt so welcome in a long time. And getting spoken to and having people excited to see us was really nice! Maddie has so many friends from school in her class and Kaden knows some of the boys and I have lots of ladies that I know that made me feel so so welcome and they were excited to see me and man I gotta say that felt good! And getting to sit with adults and getting to be with the Spirit during the lessons was just what Ive needed. Im looking forward to this Sunday which hasnt happened in a long time either! Yeah for new things!!


Erica said...

I am so happy to hear that you felt welcome- we are so excited to have you and your family in our ward. I'm telling you it is the BEST ward around!!! Your house is gorge and love having you so close!!! <3

Melissa said...

So happy that you're all moved and getting settled! Very jealous of all that light in your house - you'll love that!

And also so glad that you're enjoying the new church - that's an amazing blessing!

tamiz said...

LOVE your drapes! I only saw a peek but I likey! I can't believe you're already in and settled. Also really glad that you are out of nursury! We started out in the dungeon together and I've been gone for 2 years!

Becki said...

Yeahhhhh for an update!! I want to see more pics though and see how you got it all put together. I guess I could wait a couple weeks if I have too and you can show me pics then :( Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chanel said...

whoa, i had no idea you were so miserable. i know we were very blessed by your amazing work in nursery while Baylor was there and had you. and i LOVED serving with you in RS, but it sounds like this is a better fit for you and im glad you're happy, none the less you are missed!