Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday walks

We had a super fun, nice, relaxing Sunday! Rich and I took a Sunday run around the lake.. and that was gross.. way to many bugs, I ran with my head down and my arms acting like a saw mill! I'm sure it looked funny! But it was really nice to get a run in!

After church we spend the evening outside playing and eating dinner and after our bellies settled we took a walk around the lake.. with the kids this time! On the way to the lake Kaden hitched a ride while Malia tried to kick his hands off.. it was funny stuff!

I think we are really starting to enjoy our new Sunday evening tradition!
I also have to say thank you for the support from my earlier post. The sweet comments and emails have been really nice, I am glad that so many of you understand! I will be making it private in a couple days.

Working on my P52 for this week.. sadly I only brought my 50mm so I couldn't quite get close enough for the birds reflection to work :(


Angela said...

That sunset picture is amazing! Absolutely beautiful! And what a great family tradition! I love going for walks whenever I can and you have alot if nice views close to your house!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous sunset!! WOW!! Love it! I too love family traditions..and what a perfect day to do it...What a great fun family time. I can almost see you running...trying not to inhale the bugs! :) Good times I am sure! Also...please include me in the private blog too! I love to see your pics you take and stay connected! Please!!