Friday, June 10, 2011

My Utards...

I went to Utah last weekend and got to spend it with my sissy poo! I had gone down to do family pics for my brother and also do baby pics for my new sweet nephew who was also blessed while I was there.
Of course I made Becki take me to all my favorite places to shop! We had a blast or at least I did.. especially when we got to IKEA! I tell ya Im in big trouble when that place opens here!
While I was there we thought it would be a good idea to get new family pictures now that her family has changed and I thought that was a great idea! She was looking for whimsical and we just wanted to show a fun side of them. I really love the photos, they turned out amazing. It was a little hard finding a spot to use. We wanted to find a place by Utah lake that would have a sandy beachy feel, but because the lake is so high the only thing we could find was BUGS!
We did luckily find this gorgeous spot that was just perfect!
I had so much fun!! Thanks my favorite Utard!!!


Becki said...

Utard ... I'm going to have to find a good Colorado name!!! Oh wait YOU are technically a UTARD too!!!! hahaha Thanks for coming and playing! We should do it again really soon :)