Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh my she is cute!

Im always afraid to talk about when Malia has had a sweet streak because it usually means the next day she proves me wrong.. but she has been quite sweet lately, she has her moments but there havent been and time outs lately. I think I finally realized a couple weeks ago that the way I was parenting her wasnt working and that I really needed to change myself and my reactions if I wanted any results. So I have been focusing on how I react to her behavior and it really seems to be helping with her naughtiness!!

Shes been very loving and sweet and there havent been any major meltdowns woohoo!!

She just looked so darn cute today that I had to take her outside for a few pics and I guess since it has been awhile she was ready to go and perform for the camera, she was being just do dang cute!!

The sun was bright haha and so then she was hiding from it... love these!

Kaden has been a busy boy with friends and activities, so he had a little catching up to do today and I made him start with the yard!

Maddie had a fun week in store for her. This was her first week of intensives at dance, the Fusion dance company came to her studio for a in house convention of sorts and she was so dang excited. After 6 hours of dance 2 days in a row she came home exhausted yesterday and wasnt feeling well, I thought it was from not eating or drinking enough but it soon became apparent that it was more than that, I think she has a little flu or something and now she is home rather than finishing day 3 of the intensive. I feel so bad for her because she was so dang excited after a couple week break. And today they were going to perform their dances that they learned for the parents. But I talked to the studio and they said they are so impressed with her dancing and hard work and what a great addition she is to the studio and that made her day!! We are hoping she might be able to go in later today if she is feeling better but its not looking likely :(