Friday, June 10, 2011

Dry Run

We seem to have been on the constant go ever since school got out. Whoever said summer was a time of relaxation was lying!
Between baseball for Kaden (2 games on Mondays, 3 hrs of practice on Tues and Weds and another game on Thursdays) and then the girls dance, with extra practices to gear up for their recital this weekend... it has been BUSY!
Last weekend I was gone and they had recital pictures done, so that meant Rich was in charge.. of makeup and hair.. umm hmm! So rather than torture him, the girls and well yes me the control freak, I asked my friend hiarica I mean Erica if she would be available and willing to get them ready Saturday for Rich, she said yes!! So we went to her house last week for a dry run! She can officially list herself as a recital pro!
Yesterday the girls had their dress rehearsal, we were there for 6 hrs, it was nuts! But Maddie loved it and Malia was able to go home after her dance was done so that was nice. I had 3 women come up and tell me that Maddie is the best dancer in her group, 1 of which I knew so that was really nice to hear. One of her teachers came and told me that she told the other girls to watch Maddie because she knows what she is doing and that she has been strategically placed in the front. And after watcher her 5 dances I realized she is almost always in front! YAA Maddie!! She loves it, she may get exhausted and want a day off every now and then, but she really does love to dance. And when you see her dance you realize she was just made to do it! Now that SYTYCD is back on we all watch it and she keeps saying she is going to be on there one day. I hope it lasts long enough for her to meet that dream!
Anyways busy busy busy days! When we havent been running around we have been trying to get as much pool time as possible. It is way easier to get to the pool now and I dont dread it. So other than a couple sun burn days we have really been enjoying the pool, and watching the kids all play together is really fun. Malia is a champ in the pool, she just jumps in with her floaty and goes for it. Maddie is teaching herself to swim, she is becoming quite the under water swimmer too! And Kaden is enjoying being able to invite friends, and I have been really impressed with how good he is with the girls in the water!!


tamiz said...

Yeah for the dancing girls! Steve's kids and family are so cute! You did an amazing job on the pix and yeah me for fixing your font color so I can read from my iPad!