Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Fun

We have been a very busy summer so far! Between dance and baseball I have felt like we are constantly in the car.. who said summer was supposed to be relaxing?
Well now that dance recitals are over it should slow down a little bit. But we found out yesterday that Maddies audition went really good and she made it into the Dance Dimensions company and will be one of the their "Rising Stars" She was so excited and was even more excited to see that a couple of her friends made it into the same group!!
There will be a few summer intensives that she will do but otherwise she gets a pretty good break!
In between all of this craziness I have surprised myself by how often we have been going to the pool! Im not much of a pool person but the convenience is so nice that we have been going multiple times a week which is pretty much how often I go in a year with the kids!
Maddie is becoming a really good swimmer and Malia is a natural and Kaden is having a lot of fun getting to include friends!