Friday, October 1, 2010

271 Say no to crack!

So Rich came and grabbed me from the bathroom this morning telling me I had to come see Malia, this is what I found lol! Not sure how her pants ended up like that but I wasnt surprised.. the girl sure likes her tooshy! So I had to hurry and sneak a pic of the little stinker.
And yes those are crumbs all over the chair.. she is the messiest eater I swear, so if you give this girl toast.. you better be ready to sweep the whole dang floor!

I had my 2nd trip to the dentist to finish the other side of my mouth that apparently was filled with cavities. GRRR I was really hoping for a Glee moment but it just didnt happen DANG IT!
So Im off to so meds and bed! NI NITE!


Angela said...

How funny about Malia's bum! Didn't she feel a breeze? :) I am glad your teeth stuff is behind you now, although you did have a nice smile when I saw you!!!

Melissa said...

That's hilarious!