Tuesday, October 26, 2010

295 Just waiting for it...

So Malia ended up sleeping through the night finally last night, after a few weeks of her showing up in our room wide awake and wanting to just hang out or "needing to potty"!! BUT Miss Maddie ended up in our room (2nd night in a row) with a headache. Poor thing just isnt quite herself. She ended up feeling fine this morning and all through school but got home and after awhile wasnt feeling well. After dinner she ended up laying on the couch then decided she needed to sleep.. it wasnt even 7 yet. So Im a little concerned about her. Im hoping she doesnt end up puking or something tonight because I know that garbage is going around.. UGH!
Malia had a great day though!! I guess a full night of sleep fixes a 3 year old tude!! I think she has been scared of monsters or something and after having a talk about them being gone maybe it fixed it.. fingers crossed!!
Kaden is in a bit of trouble for not turning in homework.. that has been finished which has let to some not so great grades so he also went to bed early!
So maybe I will go turn in early too and hope and pray we all sleep through the night!


Angela said...

Getting good sleep is really the key to having a great day for sure! Hope you slept well! (I ended up with 2 kids in my room last night!)

tamiz said...

Jude came to our bed again last night and PEED in it! TURD!