Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Aspyn

Today my little niece would have been 3. I will never forget sound of my sisters voice when she called to tell me her sweet little one had passed to be with our Heavenly Father.
There are so many days that I think of you little one and feel very sad that you arent here with us making us laugh. The only comfort we have is knowing that we will one day get to run and play and do all the other things we missed out on here on Earth with you. You have a safe precious part of my heart, and in your memory I have been sure to do kind things for others this month.
I love you so much!!
Aunt Kris


Becki said...

Thanks so much Kris! I love that I know I will always be able to call you when I need someone. Our little Aspyn I'm sure is so happy that she gets you for an AUNTY!

Now let's talk about the Bieber thing! Now I'm quite sure he is after more kisses :)

tamiz said...

I'm planning a good deed in Aspyn's memory.