Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Malia's Bday part 2

Well the Birthday girl is in bed.. maybe fast asleep?
It was almost like xmas here, we were all so excited for her Birthday.. I even woke up at 4:30 and couldnt fall back to sleep and then as soon as the 5 minutes of excitement was over I wanted to go back to bed! So ya exactly like Xmas lol!
Malia woke up and we were all waiting for her and when she walked out she had undone her top and re buttoned it.. it was to funny!
She really enjoyed all of her gifts especially her Kailan tree house. It was so fun watching her open presents, I love when they get old enough to do it themselves and be excited about it! She has been so excited for her bday and to turn 3.
She chose Frosted Flakes for breakfast, fruit for lunch and then we tried some Chinese for dinner which she lapped up like there was no tomorrow! Her favorite were the veggie lo mein of course!
Then I decided to make her a fruit pizza instead of a cake because well she loves fruit.. let me tell you this girl picked off all the fruit then started going after the extra pieces just for the fruit.. shes a nut!
I think she had a great day and if you didnt see below I took her out for a fun photo shoot!
Shes our little beauty and we are so thankful for her!!
Happy Birthday Malia!


alison said...

Well happy birthday to Malia--sorry this is late, I'm just checking stuff now.
She is such a smart and beautiful girl--what a blessing she is!

Haley L said...

The letter to her birth mom reduced me to a puddle of tears. What a remarkable journey it has been! It's been such a treat to watch her grow into who she is now with her incredibly contagious giggle and her spunk. I know it hasn't always been easy, but your patience and love is why she is such a treasure . . and the only kid I know who picks and eats cherry tomatoes and gives me a sad face when the bush has nothing left to give her. :)

Angela said...

Yea for a fun birthday! Sounds like the whole day was a blast!

tamiz said...

I can't believe these little ones are three now. I really hope her bm has access to you blog to see what an amazing Mom you are. Malia is perfect and completes your family so beautifully. I was happy to see her Bitty Baby in her dress. I think I quadruple checked that is was meant to fit that doll and not the standard American Girl dolls. Happy Birthday Malia!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Malia! So glad you had a great day of being 3! You are such a sweetie!